30 de setembro de 2009

"Lost Paradise" - Masami Akita [Merzbow] DVD (1990)

"Lost Paradise" is directed by Masami Akita,who is also one of Japan's leading noise musicians under the name Merzbow.With a soundtrack by the director himself,this intense and ultra-gory seppuku film shows a young woman taking her own life by an act of ritual harakiri.Dressed in militaristic attire,the girl(Asako Mochuzuki)kneels,removes her jacket and opens her shirt to the waist,exposing her naked breasts and stomach.Lowering the waistband of her white panties,she caresses her belly before taking up a sacrificial knife,whose blade she wraps in a white bandage.Pressing the point into her left side she punctures the flesh,then slowly and deliberately pulls the knife across to the right.First blood leaks out,then as the gash widens her entrails start to ooze onto the floor.She continues to cut,her moans strongly reminiscent of those made by the actresses in porno films.Finally she collapses,still groaning,in a lake of blood and coiling viscera.Her death throes are extremely protracted."Lost Paradise" is an extremely gory Japanese shocker which looks as real as possible.I was really shocked whilst watching it and that's a compliment.The suicide scene is extremely long and painful to watch,because it lasts 18 minutes.
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Directed by: Masami Akita (秋田昌美)
Release Year: 1990
Country: Japan
Video Format: XviD
Video Bitrate: 2764 kb/s
Resolution: 560x416 (1.35:1) [=35:26]
FPS: 29.970 Source: DVD-R
Duration: 00:33:46 (60,722 fr)
Audio Format: ac3 (0x2000)

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